Blade Nano QX RTF QuadCopter

This is the best learning drone you can get, This Drone is almost indestructible.
When I bought my first drone, the Blade Nano Qx I was like wow,  this  feels like the real deal, like flying big scale drone but with the benefit of not breaking!

The Nano Qx Mini Drone features Safe technology that allows you to chose between 2 modes, Stability Mode for “beginners” and Agility Mode for “expert”. This drone is super fun to fly, the Nano Qx  drone will get your pilot skills sharp and ready for the big leagues! and is available to buy at Amazon==> Here is the Link

Blade Nano Qx Drone

If you are interested on buying your first drone or just a drone for fun!!! This one is highly recomended. Here is the link to amazon for the ==> Blade Nano Qx Drone

Fly Horizon Blade Drone!