Learn Stitching Drone Panorama In Lightroom

Follow this simple steps…
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Panorama Shots

These panorama were taken with my favorite drone, the DJI Phantom 4 special edition.
I take 3 or more picture to, create panoramas, one looking towards the Left side of the horizon, one towards the Center and then the last one towards to the  Right of the horizon .(You can take as many as you want in between) Then stitche the RAW images in Adobe Lightroom  to one nice looking PanoShot. (Instruction Below)


Stitching in Adobe LightRoom cc “Tutorial”

Import the photos into Lightroom, click on the 1st image, then while holding the shift key click on the  last image to select all. Now with all the images selected go to the Photo tab menu or right click any of the selected images hove the mouse over  PhotoMerge option, The quick key is (control+M),  and choose Panorama.  (check the autocrop box)  Once the processing is done click on Merge!
Your panorama picture will appear next to the las selected picture.

Video Tutorial:


Book to Learn Adobe Lightroom 


All About The Shot

If you have trouble stitching images in Lightroom, drop me a comment below !!!
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This is my drone recommendation ==> DJI Phantom 4


Its All About The Shot