Do you want to achieve smoother cinematography movement from your DJI drone?

Follow this simple steps…
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The Drone I use is the Phantom 4 ==> View Here!

Dji Mavic Accessories:
Landing Gear       Propellers      Mavic Battery

VIDEO Tutorial: Part 1

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VIDEO Tutorial: Part2

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Tutorial Images:

Follow this simple steps…

Phantom Accessories
P4 Backpack        P4 Propellers      P4 Battery

On the top right of the DJI app screen, tap on the three DOTS to get to the general settingsdrones with camera

Tap on the gimbal icon at the bottom, then tap on advanced settingsDrones

Then tap on Configuration 3Cheap Drones
Change this settings:

  1. Gimbal Pitch to value of 10
  2. Gimbal Pitch Smoothness 20
  3. Enable upward gimbal tilt limit to 30 degree (ON)


Now to smooth the Throttle Up/Down, Yaw(Left/Right), and Foward/Back.

On the top right of the screen, tap on the three DOTS to get the general Settings,Buy a Drone

then tap on the  Main Controller Stettings Icon on the Top, then tap on advanced setting,Learn Drone Shots

now  tap on EXP:

How to Fly a Drone

Change this settings:

  1. Throttle UP/Down  0.40
  2. Rudder Right/Left  0.20
  3. Forward/Right- Backward/Left  0.37

Drone Industry

This will Smooth the attack moment of your Drone !

Now Lets Adjust Your Transmitter Sticks :

The transmitter sticks can lengthen for more precise control, so to modify this, first hold the bottom part of your stick with your left hand, and unscrew counterclockwise the top part with your right hand.  see image 1 and 2 for example.
Then turn counterclockwise the bottom piece to raise and meet the top one.
see image 3 and 4 for example.

Now repeat the steps and you are done!!!
Adjust them when hovering to get the desire length!

Dji Transmitter

Enjoy and Share if you find this useful.

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10 thoughts on “Get Smoother Drone Shots, Adjusting The Gimbal

  1. Thank you, just did this and my movements are much smoother now.

  2. I did the throttle changes and my Phantom 3 Standard seems to move exactly the same as before?

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