ND Filters better known as a neutral-density filter,

is a filter that reduces or modifies the intensity of all wavelengths, or colors, of light equally, giving no changes in hue of color rendition.

Follow this simple steps…
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So in plain English here is a Video that better explains it!  ND Filter

Get the perfect exposure without loosing the sky details

Using Nd Filters and Polarized Filters allows you to have more control and your shots will look like the pro’s.

ND Filters/ Polarize Filter Recommendations:

The Phantom 3 pro and Phantom 4 share the same Polar Pro Filters size, They are very easy to install, no thread or special tools needed, just snap in and you’re done.

 If you are interested on buying them, here is the link to Amazon ==> POLAR-PRO FILTERS

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ND Filters/ Polarize Filter Recommendations:

DJI Mavic Filters

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Filters

DJI Phantom 4 Filter 

DJI Phantom 3 Filter


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