Inductrix FPV Drone

This has become my new buddy, The Horizon Blade Inductrix FPV Drone!

Drone fpv

This cute little guy is without a doubt a beast and a leader of the fpv mini drones.
Compared to my Nano QX drone , the Inductrix stability and ease to fly is like driving a Mercedes after a long life of driving a hyundai ( no offense to the hyundai owners)
The Blade Inductrix can pair with any  dsmx transmitter and FPV Goggles or Monitor.

The prices for the Horizon Balde Inductrix Drone:
$99 USD
for the Drone, charger and li-po battery. No Transmitter==> Link To Get It
$199 USD for the RTF(ready to fly) Drone, charger and li-po battery, Transmitter and FPV monitor included this is  BEST CHOICE ==> Link to get

mini drone fpv

All I can say is, You will want to get extra Batteries! haha..
Get them here! ==> Link
With that said, today I say good bye to my long life friend, The Blade Nano QX Drone (you served me well) my first drone! and I give the warm Welcome to my new favorite mini drone, Behold the BLADE INDRUCTRIX FPV…

mini fpv drone

Sexy Drone FPV  Design

Horizon blade inductrix fpv


Below is the $99 USD Horizon Blade Inductrix FPV Drone

inductrix fvp

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